Transferring Data to NBIRDT

Services offered to data owners and researchers

Security and protection of your data

As one of the most secure data centres in Canada, NB-IRDT complies with all relevant legislation governing the use of personal health information and personal information, including PHIPAA and RTIPPA.

Database preparation and maintenance

We offer the following:

  • compiling, cleaning, documenting and curating data sets
  • developing commonly-used derived variables
  • creating data dictionaries and user guides

Data transfer outline

Transferring data to NB-IRDT

Options for transfer

Platform data

Data business owners transfer data under a Master Data Sharing Agreement to the NB-IRDT platform where it is made available for current and future research, through linkage with other platform data, and accessed only by approved users. This is our preferred method


Data business owners transfer data under a Data Sharing Agreement for a project-specific task and may link it to other platform data. Once the project is complete, the dataset is removed from our secure facilities and returned to the data business owner.

Request to import external data

Information Manager

NB-IRDT acts as an agent for managing data under an Information Management Agreement. Data business owners may transfer data to our secure facilities for safeguarding, or to link two or more external datasets for a project-specific task. These data will not be used by other researchers, and will not be linked to other platform data. Data are returned to the data business owner(s) once the task is complete.

Transfer process

Data business owners can expect assistance with the development of relevant documentation, navigating privacy legislation, and data preparation for the crosswalk process (the method through which data is de-identified).

Step 1: Complete required documentation

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)

Outlines the general terms and conditions of data sharing between the department and NB-IRDT.

There are three types of agreements:

  1. Master Data Sharing Agreement
  2. Data Sharing Agreement
  3. Information Management Agreement

Individual Disclosure Schedule (IDS)

Appendices to Data Sharing Agreements and Master Data Sharing Agreement, the IDS outlines specific terms and conditions for a dataset, including variable information. Each dataset requires its own IDS.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

An assessment outlining the risks of sharing a dataset. Each dataset requires its own PIA.

Data Dictionary/Codebook

A descriptive guide of the variables in a dataset.

Crosswalk application with the Department of Health (DH)

Application to the DH to complete the Crosswalk process

Data Sharing Agreement with the Department of Health (DH)

Data sharing agreement outlining the terms and conditions of data sharing with the DH.

Step 2: Prepare and clean the data

The data custodian cleans the data and prepares it for transfer. NB-IRDT and the Department of Health staff will guide this process following set policies and procedures.

Step 3: Physical Transfer of data

The data custodian delivers data to NB-IRDT secure facilities.

Data transfer checklist

For more information and assistance with the transfer of data, please contact